Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google Plus

So.. Like I said. Today little review of G+.
I was lucky to get invitation 2 days ago and did some testing.
What can I say.. actually it's really in beta and there are no many features yet. The most innovative thing is definitely "circles". Google made a good job with this one. Circles are groups of people categorized as you wish. It can be family, friends, co-workers. So.. with this feature you decide which people can see certain data. when you post something U have to select which circles have access to it. for example there is circle school and class. all people from class can belong also to "school". if there's some Party in your city you post something in stream (it's like wall on fb) and choose school as the target circle. so this way your school and your class can see this stream. but if there's class meeting going on then you choose class and this way only they can see your stream. IMO really good feature. Managing the circles is very easy with drag-n-drop.

Photos function is connected to google's picassa so if you have some photos you don't have to worry about reuploading.

There is also a lot of options about privacy. You can change almost everything what is visible and what's not.

What's interesting there's already smartphones support and it works well on my iP. android market has dedicated app and coming soon for iTunes store.

For now G+ misses few things but it has potential.

New facebook chatlist

Today I saw updated chat list on Facebook and i have to tell - It's terrible. I want to have easy access to my on-line friends not everyone. The on-line list is available on main page > left panel. But if you are on any page, you can't see this list so you have to click the old "Chat" and baaam a loot of people..