Saturday, July 9, 2011

New facebook chatlist

Today I saw updated chat list on Facebook and i have to tell - It's terrible. I want to have easy access to my on-line friends not everyone. The on-line list is available on main page > left panel. But if you are on any page, you can't see this list so you have to click the old "Chat" and baaam a loot of people..


NoseFire said...

I agree, don't understand why are they changing something that is working great.

Rlx said...

Yeah,its really annoying..
but in a few month everyone will get used to it.

gimpel said...

wow thank god i hate the new chatlist

Anonymous said...

google+ is going to hit fbk really hard.

Admin said...

Today i've registerd on G+..
Tomorrow i'll post little review

GMSoccerPicks said...

Like every change, eventually we get used to it. +1 follower

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